So at school earlier, a couple of really annoying girls went over to where I was sitting, casually staring at my 5SOS group picture. And they were like,”Oh, are those the guys you fangirl?”

And I was like, “Yeah,” with a really nice smile, hoping they were really in the 5SOS Fam.

And one of them was like, “Oh, that one’s hot!”

And the other was like, “Oh my God!”

And I was like, “Which one?” 

I thought they were like pointing at Ashton but they said, “The blonde one!”

I face-palmed. But I wasn’t giving up. Maybe they just noticed Luke first. And I was like “Don’t you like the other 3?”

"No, they’re ugly."

"Why does he have hair color? Is that even a dude?" She was referring to Michael.

"Why does that one look like a retard?" She was referring to Ashton.

"Ew, why does that one look like a monkey thing? Oh my God. I can’t believe you love all of them."

And to make this story short, I was sent to the Guidance Counselor. I’m not even lying.